Project Update March 31st

The fact that this project update comes in a few days late should be telling. My main obstacle has been finding time to devote to the project, but once I can sit down and do some work, things progress relatively smoothly. The bulk of my time has been spent doing research,  trying to find visual materials for the site. Like I explained in my last update, it is not difficult to find images that could work for this site, but I am trying to make sure I abide by copyright laws and I also create proper meta-data for everything I add to the project. This is what is proving to be most time consuming. Fortunately, I only have a couple more images that I need to find. 

Also, as I work on the visual presentation of the site I am working on standardizing its look and navigation. I had been able to set up a couple of the pages, but the rest were still not consistent. This meant making sure all the fonts were the same size and color, so users can navigate the site more easily. Since this is meant mainly for students, I want them to have a consistent experience, even if the specific materials in each page change. 

Once I am done with this, the next step is to finish filling in the content of the pages. Mainly this will be the short biographies and other reference materials that will help students read the documents.  I am also working on the best way to add one or two maps that illustrate the geographical status of the Gold Coast Colony. I have found historical maps, but I would like to figure out a way to add them to show the constitutional evolution in geographical terms. I was thinking on annotating these maps, I think there is an Omega Plugin that will allow me to do this.

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