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Project Update: March 24

As of today, I was able to complete the basic structure of the online exhibit I am creating for my project. Among the things I was able to finish was the reorganization of the site following the story boarding exercise.

The focus of my work right now is populating the different sections I added for each part of the exhibit. The main items in the exhibit are documentary sources which are already added to the different collections. However, the purpose of the exhibit is to help students contextualize and work with these materials. For this reason, I decided to add, other materials such as photographs, videos or other types of explanations, that can help students connect with the content in the documents. Finding and/or creating these materials is the next step.

I was able to complete and add a dynamic (JS Timeline) to the exhibit. But there are still several other bits and pieces that I want to add. The main challenge in doing this is to find relevant materials that are in the public domain. This is not very hard for pictures of major figures, particularly British governors and politicians. However, a key part of the exhibit is to highlight the role of African thinkers in the writing of colonial constitutions, so I would like to find some visual materials that can underline the roles that African played in these discussions. Unfortunately, these are not as easily found as those of British officials. This imbalance is of course telling, but I would love to figure out a way of making it apparent in the exhibit.